Thursday, October 1, 2009

New vlog from Raygun Girls Vocalist Cila

Check out this cool brand new vlog from Raygun Girls vocalist Cila. You can check out what pearls of wisdom about being in The Raygun Girls. You can check out the album which is streaming live now on iLike see details below

The Raygun Girls 'Dirt Collector'

AVAILABLE HERE:The Raygun Girls - Dirt Collector

The entire album is streaming on iLike listen to Dirt Collector

If you subscribe to Jango Airplay you can listen to The Raygun Girls

Check out the fan made video for The Raygun Girls new album 'Dirt Collector'


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mysticial Fullmoon new album on

Mystical Fullmoon's brand new album 'Scoring A Liminal Phase-Ten Strategies For Postmodern Mysticism' is now available on

Mystical Fullmoon new album on
Check out this vlog from bassist/vocalist Gnosis about this amazing new album of black metal art.

Mystical Fullmoon new album on

Mystical Fullmoon performing Per Speculum In Aenigmate live from the new album

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

choose the new single from a new artist and upcoming release

Coming soon to KillZone Records is a new album from one of the most awe inspiring artists that we have ever had the pleasure to work with. KSK is the one man project of an enigmatic player known as Zc4.
KSK is extreme, make no mistake about it. Combining metal, industrial, teknopunk, hardcore techno, drum and bass that are somehow fused and melded together by this force of alchemy known as Zc4, into a mind melting digital beat down and face shredding metal insanity that will please fans of Aborym and Diabolicum, a sort of nekro, postmodern black metal framework with hardcore techno and industrial jackhammering with a punk attitude.
If you like extreme metal art with a futuristic blend we have for you below a brand new widget with some tracks from the album called 'Drakonia Sektoria'.
This album unfortunately had been delayed to due the economic down turn, but we are planning a digital release, with a single from the album and we are inviting you to pick the first single from the choice of tracks you can listen to on the widget. Listen and let us know what you think @ . In the meantime we invite you to check out the extreme sounds of KSK
Click 'grab it' to add this gydget to your page!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mystical Fullmoon on Jango Airplay

Cult Italian Black Metal band Mystical Fullmoon have a brand new album out available digitally through KillZone Records. 'Scoring a Liminal Phase-Ten Strategies for Postmodern Mysticism' tracks are now streaming on Jango Airplay.

Mystical Fullmoon on Jango

Bassist/vocalist Gnosis has provided a vlog talking about the new release:

Mystical Fullmoon 'Scoring A Liminal Phase-Ten Strategies for Postmodern Mysticism'
AVAILABLE HERE: Mystical Fullmoon

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