Monday, July 28, 2008

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The Internet is a huge place with a million voices all crying out digitally, so to speak. This is the attention age where you have got to be anywhere and everywhere as simultaneously as you possibly can.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

KillZone Records Releases on iTunes you can buy right on My Space

If you are a metal fan and you like the convenience of buying either tracks or albums from iTunes we can offer you the chance to do it right from My Space if you like browsing for new music on My Space you can check out a new site were you can buy our releases on iTunes without having to leave My Space. It our way of trying to bring metal fans more ways of getting the music you want.
Check it out:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

KillZone Records Signs Lacryma Sanguine

KillZone Records is very proud to announce a brand new signing. Hailing from Fortalezza, Ceara Brazil, Lacryma Sanguine.

Lacryma Sanguine are a Doom Metal band taking insparation from such bands as: Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, DayLight Dies, Funeral, October Tide, combining extra elements such as violin, cello and flute.

KillZone Records will be releasing the bands first release 'The Autumn Ends', digitally on iTunes. More details to be announced very soon .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Raygun Girls KillZone Records Most Downloaded and listened to Artists

KillZone Records Artists The Raygun Girls are the Label's most played and downloaded artists on and ReverbNation. The band came to KillZone Records attention back in 2006 when they showcased at the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase that takes place in Florida every year. The Rock Solid Pressure Showcase is one of the premier independent showcases for new bands to perform in front of record labels and is growing each year. The Raygun Girls stood out because they were very different from the Pantera/Slipknot influenced brand of bands that filled out the roster for the Metal showcase.
The band signed to the Label and they released a digital EP called 'Fire Inside' which is available on iTunes and to eMusic subscribers. Off of that EP the single 'Look At Me' shot to Number 1 on the Independent Artists Company's Metal and Hardcore charts for a month earning them a Golden Kayak nomination for it.
After some line up changes the band have held together and are currently working on their debut album for KillZone Records tentatively titled 'Dirt Collector'
The Raygun Girls play a hard hitting rock/alternative metal blend that is gritty, hard hitting and contemporary with electronica infused, catchy riffs.
Be sure to check them out on iTunes and eMusic and at KillZone Records.

Grammy Award Winning Producer Neil Kernon to produce Dendura's new album

Grammy Award winning producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Judas Priest, Nevermore, Spiral Architect) is set to produce Dendura's debut release for KillZone Records.

Legendary Music Producer Neil Kernon who over the years has worked with some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal has agreed to produce Dendura's next album to be released on KillZone Records.

The band have spent the last few months writing and rehearsing the new material and we will keep you up dated as the new material takes form. The band have just recently finished laying down the drums.

In the meantime the band will be appearing at the only female fronted metal fest in the US-Flight of The Valkyries alongside Unexpect and Benedictum

The flight of The Valkyries Fest takes Place at Station for in St Paul MN Saturday June 28. In other news the band's debut self release will be available very soon on iTunes through KillZone Records.

Dark Empire 'Humanity Dethroned' on iTunes NOW

KillZone Records is extremely proud to announce the release of a classic metal album. New Jersey based thrash/prog/metal act Dark Empire’s sophomore release ‘Humanity Dethroned’. Formed by Matt Moliti (lead and rhythm guitars, death vocals) in 2004, the current band includes Jens Carlsson (Savage Circus, Persuader) lead vocals, Andrew Atwood (lead, rhythm guitar, death vocals) and Samus (Suspyre, Mutiny) drums. Influenced by Symphony X and Rage, Moliti created Dark Empire to be what in his eyes would be the epitome of the perfect metal band: thrashy riffs, blazing solos and aggressive yet melodic vocals, full of energy and emotion. ‘Humanity Dethroned’ is a powerful metal album with the classic metal spirit driving huge, powerful and agressive thrash riffs with enduring melodies that lift the album, ‘Humanity Dethroned’ is a perfect balance of writing, melody, aggressive, thrash riffs: A Metal album that connects to the true spirit of metal in all of us.
No strangers to success this early in their career, the band’s self released debut album ‘Distant Tides’ placed #2 in the year end "best indie release of 2006" list), in BW&BK magazine scoring an impressive 9.5/10. ‘Humanity Dethroned has been mastered by Mika Jussla at Finnvox Studios (Children Of Bodom, Nightwish) and is out now on iTunes.

Just click the link below to take you right there:

Dark Empire