Friday, October 24, 2008

Catching up With The Raygun Girls and the countdown to the release of 'Dirt Collector'

Its official: The countdown to the release of The Raygun Girls debut album release for KillZone Records has begun the band are currently working on 2 videos for 2 tracks from 'Dirt Collector'. The album will be mastered shortly as mixing at SMT studios in New York have now finished. These are killer tracks wall to wall on this album.
In the meantime we invite you to check out the video for the band's Number 1 Single ( 'Look At Me" below. 'Look At Me' is taken from the band's Digital EP 'Fire Inside' which is available on iTunes.
The band have also been joined full time by new drummer Doc MacNab an amazing drummer check out his website.

out on iTunes

Check out 'Look At Me'

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I have zero interest in Power Metal anymore," says Matt Moliti. Check out the Dark Empire interview on Metal Express Radio

"I have zero interest in Power Metal anymore. I'm currently much more interested in Extreme Metal styles, I think that’s where the real innovation and boundary pushing is taking place."
Check out a brand new interview with Dark Empire's founder/guitarist Matt Moliti conducted by Lior Stein on Metal Express Radio.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Raygun Girls Announce brand new drummer

New York, NY (October, 2008) – The Raygun Girls announces the addition
of Doc MacNab as the first live drummer to play with the band.

The Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock band that has been compared to
Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Stabbing Westward, and Killing Joke. Up
until now, the band has always programmed the drums and played to a
computer on stage.

After signing a label deal with KillZone Records, and releasing the EP,
“Fire Inside”, available on Itunes, The Raygun Girls immediately began
working on new material for a full length album. The band quickly
realized that to make the album as powerful as it truly needed to be,
they had to have a live drummer.

For the album, The Raygun Girls were lucky enough to be working with
Co-Producer Brian Herman at SMT Studios in NYC. He also added the
powerful drumming that the band required for their forthcoming album,
“Dirt Collector”.

As mixing on “Dirt Collector” began, The Raygun Girls also began to
audition drummers. Doc MacNab caught the band's attention with his
ability to improvise over the samples and drum loops without
overpowering the sound, as well as with his background.

Doc MacNab is a pop, rock and fusion drummer who has played around the
world with artists like the US Department of Defense touring band,
Broken Wings, as part of Haak-MacNab (with German-born Megatar
virtuoso, Dino Haak), and has also supported noteworthy players in the
industry like Artis the Spoonman, singer/songwriter Pat McGee, Chapman
Stick and Mobius Megatar virtuoso Dino Haak, and singer Katy Cornell.

Under the moniker Nightwave, Doc spun Goth and Industrial dance hits in
clubs from Chapel Hill, NC, to Washington, DC. He was also Program
Director and General Manager at WVCW radio in Richmond, VA.

With a tasteful and mature approach to his playing, Doc lends a sonic
base to The Raygun Girls that has long been missing.

In other related news mixing on 'Dirt Collector' has been completed and the mastering is being arranged for the first singles and video shoot.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

US customers buy your metal with your cellphone



You can now buy KillZone Records Music on your cellphone in the US. As more digital outlets and services become available to music buyers, KillZone Records has partnered with Textango to bring customers a new way of buying their music-right on your cellphone. It’s fast, convenient and very simple to use, so you can buy whenever and where ever you want. Below is the first batch of releases you can buy right now.

Simply enter the following Keywords:

KZDARK1 --Dark Empire 'Humanity Dethroned' Album $9.99


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KZRDig2-- Meyvn ‘Splintered Skies’ Album $9.99


KZRDigS-- KillZone Records Sampler $2.99


Featuring new and upcoming releases
The Raygun Girls, Devolved, Dark Empire, Dendura and KSK

Then Text to: 82646

All orders are charged to your cellphone bill with nothing to pay upfront. Once you get the confirmation, you download to your computer at

This service is available to customers of Nextel Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, CellularOne, and AllTel.

Please check your carriers for text message rates and charges.

KillZone Records Releases on Amazon

You can now download KillZone Records releases on more will be added in the upcoming weeks. Here's the link:

Friday, October 3, 2008

From The Darkest Depths To The Edge of Perception-The Return of the Church ov Melkarth

Church ov Melkarth have returned with their first release for KillZone Records in 4 years since 'Sermon of Hate', and have delivered their darkest release yet. You can check out tracks from their upcoming release 'A Gift For The Darkness' which will be released on iTunes and other digital outlets very soon.
Church ov Melkarth are unique and uncompromising in creating some genuinely creepy and dark atmospheres by blending drones and ambient darknoise with the darkness of disturbing black metal. There is nothing casual about Church ov Melkarth listening to them is like a sermon from the very depths of Hell.
This is truly "Audio Fine Art for the Macabre"

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