Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEW RELEASE: Arum 'Occult Cataclysm The New Era Rises' on iTunes now

KillZone Records is very proud to announce its latest release on iTunes. Brazilian Black Metallers Arum with their third album 'Occult Cataclysm The New Era Rises'
This release holds a very special place for us here at KillZone Records as Arum's second album 'Inhuman Echoes From The Shadows' was the label's first release back in 2004.
Arum play an old school black metal that has been compared to early Satyricon and even Dissection but with their own unique South American take on it.

Arum - Occult Cataclysm: The New Era Rises

Check out the widget below listen to a new track from the album and check out some live videos and the video for 'Garden of Lost Souls'
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Other Arum Releases on iTunes:
Arum Inhuman Echoes from the Shadows

Arum Prelude to the Cataclysm


This album also marks a unique partnership with another Texas Metal label Negativity Records who will be releasing the CD. Check out some of their killer underground extreme metal.
Negativity Records

Monday, February 23, 2009

DEVOLVED Texas Tour footage

"Devolved represent a new breed in metal musically,combining mathematical complexity and relentless aggression with total precision.
The sound can only be described as controlled chaos"
Metal Sounds Magazine

Technical Metallers Devolved recently toured across Texas towards the end of '08 and the band have put together a great video montage from some of their shows. Check out the intensity of their shows below.

KillZone Records is due to release their award winning debut album for release in North America for the first time ever.
'Technologies' North American Release will feature bonus videos and 2 brand new songs which have been mixed by Neil Kernon ( Judas Priest, Nevermore, Nile Akercoke, Spiral Architect), and will be re-mastered. It will also have its own distinct version of the art work).

Due to the state of the economy this release has been put on hold as it has been extremely hard to raise the capital for this. But rest assured it will be released. 'Technologies' came out in the band's native Australia in 2001.