Thursday, April 30, 2009

Church ov Melkarth LIVE SHOW Supporting SOURVEIN in Houston, TX, Monday May 4 2009

"...It became apparent that this Texas based project were attempting to do away with actual'songs' and create something utterly different.'
Zero Tolerance Magazine

Click poster and check the details below
Church ov Melkarth is one of the most unusual projects signed to KillZone Records combining ambient dark noise, power noise, drones and raw black metal with Gregorian Chants to create some of the darkest, creepiest extreme sounds that you will ever hear. Combined with a raw, almost minimalist production which only seems to serve the overall effect of something trying to break through from the other side.
The project will be performing live for only the second time in the band's career. The first time was in January 2007 when they played in Austin Texas supporting some of the most underground black metal acts in the Southern US, such as Bahimiron and headlined by the mighty Inquisition. The live spectacle even managing to unnerve some the audience.
On Monday May 4 at the Jet Lounge, and their only Texas date this year the project will be supporting doom/sludge band Sourvein.
Upcoming Release: New Church of Melkarth Single
The Conjuration of The Fire God Coming soon to iTunes

Latest Release: For The Darkness on iTunes
Church ov Melkarth - For the Darkness

Official Church ov Melkarth homepage

Friday, April 24, 2009

Devolved Southern USA Tour Dates announced

Devolved have released more information about heading for the road again touring, taking aim at the Southern United States.Click the tour poster and check out the dates below.

KiLLZone Records will be releasing their debut album 'Technologies' in North America Soon. Voted 'Best Metal Album' by the listeners of Triple J FM Radio and the readers of 'Outsider' Magazine.
Finally for the first time ever available in North America through KillZone Records the award winning album 'Technologies' by Devolved featuring 2 brand new tracks mixed
by Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nile, Nevermore, Ackercoke) with bonus videos and its own version of the artwork.

"Devolved represent a new breed in metal musically,combining mathematical complexity and relentless aggression with total precision.
The sound can only be described as controlled chaos"
Metal Sounds Magazine

"Devolved are not for the faint hearted. Their recordings carry a warning label that no other band has had the honor of being forced by the courts to include" It reads:

Track Listing for 'Technologies' North American Release

Second Face
Fallen Cities
Aversive Control
Functional Conflict
*new tracks*
From The Ashes


UPCOMING RELEASES: The Raygun Girls-'Dirt Collector'

KillZone Records has been working hard to bring you new metal releases and we want to unveil some of what we have been working to you. While the economic downturn has slowed progress down we are still continuing to produce metal music. We will for the time being continue to produce CD releases alongside our expanding digital releases. The aim is once the economy picks up again is to produce this releases while we continue to develop our digital distribution through as many different licenses and vendors as we can.
So starting with our next release for both CD and Digital release: The Raygun Girls with their killer debut album 'Dirt Collector'.
'Dirt Collector' will be appearing on iTunes first with the CD to follow shortly afterwards. This is an album chock full of standout songs that combine modern metal with punk, gothic, industrial and alternative influences. Check out this gydget which has a new track not before featured. The band's debut single taken from 'Dirt Collector' is called 'Paranoia and is a great metal groove that will have you rocking and is available on iTunes right now and you can check out the video too.

So, if you are a fan of Lacuna Coil, Static X, Stabbing Westward or even The Breeders you really want to check out The Raygun Girls.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

PowerDrive:" No Damn Egos in this band"- founders talk about 'Freedom of Speech' and the band

New KillZone Records Signings PowerDrive have unleashed one helluva metal album called 'Freedom Of Speech'. So who is PowerDrive and how did they come up with such huge sounding debut release that just beggars belief? Well, meet Miguel and Rob. You could use the same old cliches and bad metaphors about them being the power behind PowerDrive....but no you won't. Its been done to beyond death hasn't it? But could they be the next metallic dynamic duo?
'Freedom of Speech' was written, recorded and produced by Miguel and Rob as two musicians and was originally named 'Steel Root's' and all throughout this album the serious passion for creating quality metal can be felt in every chord and every riff and every drum beat and every note played. 'Freedom of Speech' has a charisma and authority to it that makes it hard to believe that this is a debut album. With two new members to take over the drum and bass slots recruited, leaving Miguel and Rob the guitars and vocals, and, the band already working on album number 2.
So meet Rob and Miguel in excerpts of a conversation as they talk about the album and their passion to metal.

"We both have our studios at home at Madrid and Stockholm and have been producing/recording music for a very long time, so the long distance was not a problem at all. The recording process was very smooth and the album was completed on less than four months, including 16 tracks ( 5 of them still unreleased ).
I was recording my parts and sending them to Robin while Robin was doing the same on a daily basis...we shared so many ideas, we tried so many different things......... and the most important thing of all, we enjoyed every single second out of it!!!!!
I'd say that studio sessions are something natural for us. You can call us studio junkies.
"The guitar riffs can come from either one of us. We have different styles when playing, different spices we use, that is also one thing that really completes the music. Lets say I come up with a riff but then I get stuck, I send Miguel the ideas and the next day he sends me ideas of his own that match perfect with the vision I had, its like he knew what needed to be done. The same thing will happen if he shows me a song idea, if I feel inspiration from the ideas I record whatever comes to mind whether its vocals, solos, riffs or drums fills and tempos and we move on to the next step until its finished and we are BOTH satisfied. Its all about THE SONG, not the person writing this and that. "I wrote this you wrote that bla bla bla" We don't care about small things like that. The end product is what we are looking for.
"The way we make the album so powerful is simple, we both like powerful productions so we are drawn to have a final mix and master as powerful as we need it to be. We don't have limits in what we think we can do. So we learn the "how to" and then we just do it. I have a good ear when mixing and mastering and Miguel has good judgment on what works. Combining those skills and we have the vision in form of music, ready to be shared. Its a legendary team, no doubt about it.
"We work really hard on our music. It means that every little detail counts.
The key for us is to stay focussed on one objective: writing the best songs that we can come up with. Plain and simple
"No damn egos in this band. If an idea works, it doesn't really matters who brought it up. IMO big egos kill most of the bands. When it comes to lyrics, I always try to express my personal feelings along with my concerns about society,
not much political talk and definitely not the typical "metal stereotypes" about murder, death and so....
"Speaking of the inspiration, well , obviously I love old school metal bands such as Pantera or Metallica but what makes us unique is the mixing of styles...when I first met Robin he was more into Hard Rock and progressive Metal and I was more focussed into more hardcore metal with bands like Five Finger Death Punch or All that Remains... it's been some sort of mutual discovering, he told me about bands really cool bands that I never listened before (Godsmack, Alice in Chains or even Symphony X). Melody plays a very important role in our music and that's the real difference between us and the rest of the bands out there. We do care about making GOOD SONGS not being the fastest, heaviest or angriest MF on the planet."
Metal rocks my world. Period.Even if I am not a closed minded person when it comes to music the energy, the power, the adrenaline discharge that metal pumps though my veins cannot by matched by anything else's pretty hard to describe with be honest ,we all can't wait to start touring to share with our fans all that energy on stage. Our new members, Asier (bass) and Ivan (Drums), are crazy metal heads as well, so you can do the math very easily.......
"Metal music is powerful music, aggressive and brutal, something that moves mountains. I like all kinds of music but metal is what I usually listen to and if we talk about performing, metal is IMO the strongest way to express the anger people feel inside, weather you are singer or screaming your guts out or if you are moshing away in a pit. Anger is a part of life and so is metal, its here to stay and so are the boys of POWERDRIVE. Loads of bands play because its fun and its nothing wrong with that, but we play because its a passion. Its something larger than life. Unexplainable, really.
"Picking up my fav tune from the album ain't easy....I'd say that STARTING OVER reflects who we are at 100% with that blelnd of powerful riffs with melodic vocals....but I can't forget about FINAL CHAPTER , SILVER BULLET; TREAT or SELF DETERMINATION as well...damn, it's one hell of an album, so if you are reading this and you haven't purchased it yet, what are you waiting for?"

PowerDrive 'Freedon Of Speech' out on iTunes
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Visit PowerDrive on My Space

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KillZone Records: Its about Metal

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Great metal is unmistakable. You cannot fake it. Its truth and presence is immediate. But what makes great metal music? It means so many things to so many different people but it usually starts with a riff and a sound. All the way from Black Sabbath to Metallica and beyond, its that heavy riff and sound which resonates in all metalheads.
We invite you to see how KillZone Records hopes to add to that unshakable tradition from PowerDrive to Meyvn with great guitars and heavy grooves to satisfy what it is that's metal in you. Check out these great tunes and remember you can get most of these on iTUNES right now.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Devolved to Return to Texas

Extreme Tech Metallers Devolved are returning to Texas in late May, early June. Exact details are not yet known but as dates become available look for them to be blogged and plans do include a date in Austin where the band got some strong support on the 2 dates the band played, one in supporting Divine Heresy and the other an off night show, late last year.
Devolved are amazing to see live if you have not yet had the check out the live footage.
There are plans to release Devolved's stunning debut 'Technologies' in the US for the first time. It was released in 2001 in their home country Australia, earning them the accolade of 'Best Metal Album' and 'Best Metal Act'. The band toured Australia both headlining and in support of some of the biggest names in metal. The band made history by becoming the first ever extreme metal act to be signed to Sony BMG (Australia), They were the first extreme metal act in Australia to receive extensive daytime commercial radio support and the band released 'Calculated'. The band in this time also toured Europe the UK and the Far East independently.
Devolved and the word 'independence' become intertwined as the band took the breathtaking step to re-locate to the US to begin anew with new members rather than remain in Australia.
The band are currently working on their third album and the material promises to deliver some huge material showcasing how much they have improved on themselves with relentless drive to perfect. In the meantime the band signed with KillZone Records to license their debut 'Technologies' in North America. For some unknown reason the band seemed to go unnoticed by the US with the exception of some of the more aware fans.
The plan is to release 'Technologies' with its own version of the artwork and with 2 new tracks,the first of any new music in several years since 'Calculated' which have been mixed by Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nevermore, Spiral Architect, Queensryche, Nile, Tapping The Vein and many others) and loaded with bonus videos.
However the underlying consensus has 'death knell' written all over the future of the CD but as far as we're concerned, that is a slow bleed down to the metal market as many fans still want CDs despite the fact of P2P and illegal downloading from other sources.
KillZone Records has several releases including Devolved that have had plans basically put on hold by the fallout of the recession. 'Technologies' is a great metal release and even preferred by many as their favorite Devolved album. The aim was to have it released as an introduction to America to Devolved as a precursor to their next album. That's still the plan and are still actively seeking the right investment to launch this band in their plans to conquer America.
In the meantime, check out live footage below and check back for dates.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

PowerDrive Gydget Loaded with new songs from 'Freedom Of Speech'

PowerDrive hailing from Sweden and Spain recently signed to KillZone Records to release their killer Metal album 'Freedom of Speech' on iTunes. Check out their gydget and listen to 4 more tracks from Freedom of Speech and don't forget you can download for free 'Final Chapter' right from the gydget.

'Freedom of Speech' Track Listing
01. Final Chapter
02. Laid To Rest
03. Alive
04. Self Determination
05. Treat
06. Starting Over
07. Blast
08. Silver Bullet
09. Dead Silence
10. New Life
11. Untouchable

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